Remote Support Utilities:

TeamViewer QS: A very nice cross-platform utility for remote on-the-fly support.






RoyalTS: An RDP shell that allows nice customization. You can save 10 connections for free, and the full version is only $30 USD. I prefer this to VisionApp.

icon-download.gifRoyal TS


Other Remote Control Clients:

icon-download.gifVNC Remote Control Allows a permanent (unencrypted) connection to a remote machine. Very useful for larger cross-platform networks.

Multi-Monitor Utility:

icon-download.gifDisplay Fusion (Windows Only Download Link) Multi-monitor taskbar makes managing your monitors easy.


icon-download.gifSysInternals Suite


Process Explorericon-download.gif

Inventory Worksheet:

icon-pdf.gifThis is the inventory worksheet for server machines. PDF. (43k)


Here are some files that I’ve collected over the years that have come in quite handy. I support these utilities on a per hour basis, so if you need a custom script or some functionality added to an existing script, or simply need help integrating these scripts into your network, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I also offer consulting services, including support via remote desktop. Simply click the Schedule widget on the right.

icon-zip.gifFixHome (40k) by Ron Pedde, formerly of Corbey Company. Allows you to change, en masse, permissions on a set of home directories on a Windows (NT / 2000 / 2003) Server. Also allows you to add users or groups to other people’s home directories. This is a Win32 executable.


icon-zip.gifMakeRaw (8k) by Ron Pedde, formerly of Corbey Company. Allows you to completely wipe a hard drive of all partition information quickly. This is a DOS program.


icon-zip.gifADVBScripts-1.1 (16k) Collection of Active Directory VB scripts that let you perform drive mappings, create shortcuts on the desktop, etc. using Active Directory group policy. Latest script, mapdrivebygroup.vbs added 2006 Aug 03


icon-zip.gifResetPasswords (2.2k) by Derek Moyes, Owner of SofTouch Systems. This batch file allows you to quickly and easily reset many Active Directory user passwords at once.