Exchange Mailbox Manager

Here's a quick walkthrough on how to use the Exchange Mailbox Manager in Exchange 2000 or 2003.

SofTouch recommends at least configuring the "Deleted Items" folder for "Delete Immediately" with the standard settings of 30 days or 1024KB. This will allow the policy to run every weekend (either Friday or Saturday night) but only delete items that are older than 30 days, or larger than 1MB.

Sony Rootkit

Anyone who has purchased a Sony "audio CD" since about the middle of 2004 should read up on the "security technology" Sony may have installed on your computer.

Here is a great article on detailing the whole mess.

Basically, Sony "audio CDs" install DRM (Digital Restriction Management) software on your computer called a "rootkit" that "cloaks" itself from you, and opens up security holes that allow other people to take over your machine.

The worst part is that Sony bought this technology from another company who worked with the major antivirus vendors so that their rootkit software would not be detected!

This story points out another glaring way that Microsoft Windows can and is being used against it's users wishes. Shouldn't your operating system do what you tell it to? Mine does.

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