PSA: Microsoft is giving away Windows 10!

Date: May 3, 2016 posted by: derek in: ProductAnnouncements, TipsAndTricks

UPDATE 3: 2016 May 3rd: You now have less than 3¬†months to receive your free copy of Windows 10. If you don’t get to take advantage of this offer, the normal price of Windows OS is anywhere from $129 – $299, depending on version. Contact us now to develop a plan to migrate your eligible […]

Expired Exchange 2007 Certificate

Date: June 7, 2011 posted by: derek in: TipsAndTricks

I recently had this happen… “If your Exchange 2007 is nearing its first birthday, there is a good chance you will soon come across some event log warnings concerning the expiry of an internal transport certificate. If you ignore these, users will start chasing you! Outlook 2007 is now popping an expired certificate warning dialog.” […]

CoRD: Remote Desktop For The Mac

Date: November 7, 2010 posted by: derek in: TipsAndTricks

Another option for using a Mac to access Windows servers using RDP is CoRD. CoRD reminds me of VisionApp, or MRemote, both excellent apps for Windows. While CoRD only does RDP, not VNC, SSH, etc. it works much better than Microsoft's free Remote Desktop App. One of the major problems with Microsoft's RDP is that […]

AVG 8.x Windows GPO Settings

Date: August 15, 2009 posted by: derek in: TipsAndTricks

Here's a quick rundown of the Windows Firewall settings required for AVG 8.5 to successfully install remotely. I have provided these in Windows "GPO" format, as pushing the settings out through your domain's Group Policy is probably the easiest way to do this. I recommend NOT installing the AVG firewall (if you have Internet Security) […]

Stopping And Restarting Exchange Server 5.5

Date: March 26, 2009 posted by: derek in: TipsAndTricks

When stopping and starting Exchange server 5.5, you want to stop the services in the following order: IMS (Internet Mail Service)MTA (Mail Transfer Agent)IS (Information Store)DS (Directory Service)SA (System Attendant) To restart all the services needed, simply restart the IMS.