Microsoft and Rackspace: The 2023 Cybersecurity Research Report

Trends have not changed, have we?

Cybersecurity in 2023 has a new challenge

During August, Microsoft and Rackspace Technology conducted a survey targeting IT decision-makers, exploring the prominent cybersecurity trends anticipated in 2023. The results underscore the dynamic nature of the cybersecurity landscape. Notably, with C-suite and board members acknowledging the critical significance of digital security, there are observable changes in priorities and budget allocations.

Key findings:

Organizations are investing heavily in cybersecurity, with a focus on AI as a vital tool.
C-suite and corporate boards are more engaged and involved in cybersecurity than ever before.
Two crucial measures businesses need to implement to enhance their resilience against cyberthreats are:
Crafting a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that aligns with organizational objectives.
Mitigating the IT talent shortage through strategic, long-term solutions.
Other key takeaways:

Cloud-native security is a top priority for many organizations.
Top threat vectors include phishing, ransomware, and malware attacks.
Organizations are struggling to recruit and retain cybersecurity talent.
Organizations are looking to external partners to help them improve their cybersecurity posture.
Compliance challenges and security automation are also key areas of focus.
Overall, the report paints a picture of an industry that is increasingly aware of the importance of cybersecurity, but is also facing significant challenges.

The need for Cybersecurity should be considered essential

Cybersecurity is currently out ranking business concerns such as; supply chain and logistics, hiring talent, and sustainability for CEO’s. We passed the tipping point a long time ago but no one noticed. Have a spot in the cloud? What is your security like there? Businesses are outsourcing IT Security at an increased rate due to lack of internal expertise. Nearly 70% of IT execs around the world are more worried about cybersecurity now than ever. Protecting critical data/warehouses is top priority followed by Integrating cyber risk into enterprise risk management and Integrating strategic security measures into their new processes.

For more information and insights for your organization follow this link to the study.

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